Systems and Network solutions for your home office or Business.

COVID-19 Support

Working from home has come part of our lives, if you need assistance setting your home office, MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, we can help setting up remote services in a cloud environment improves quality of work and productivity at the same time.

More medium business solution like a hosted remote desktop services we can be deployed to ensure and more safe and control environment for your company needs.

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Having a reliable network at work not only improves productivity but it secures your financial and personal data, being up to date with updates, security patches and constant server monitoring it’s an essential part of the core of your network, a clean hardware can make your server and computers more efficient

Expanding networks or relocating servers can add some extra downtime when there is not a proper plan in place, Proper allocation for the wireless access can make a difference between having signal and a strong reception.

Who do we call or how do can we tell if the internet is down ? could be a switch? the router? is the firewall blocking traffic ?

All these projects and questions can take time that sometimes small and medium businesses cannot attend quickly, having IT support full time on site sometimes is not in the budget.

IT on the Dot can be a solution for your business.

-Design or upgrade your current network infrastructure.

-Update servers and office computers.

-Remote assistance around the clock.

-Server and Firewall monitoring.

We can help resolve or give assistance to your business.