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Always Improving to serve you better

Since 2013 we give best in class support to small and medium businesses, network development and maintenance, cloud migration and maintenance, also giving everyday use network security and antivirus monitoring.

On 2018 we became a source of support and in home computer repairs focused to the Senior community, giving them the support they need when things just don’t work, we are there to help them every step of the way.

Mac Computers

Backups and upgrades, hardware diagnostics and new system migration.

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Laptop Repair

Software and Hardware repairs, from virus removal to full upgrades.

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Phone Repair

Is your phone running slow ? maybe is time to backup and erase old data.

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Tablet Repair

Did you accidentally dropped your table and crack the screen? we can replace it.

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Internet Services

Internet running slow ? maybe is time to upgrade your router or get a better service provider, We’ll help you choose.

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Console Repair

PS, Xbox or Switch not working properly ? let us take a look a it.

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Our Process

On site or remote diagnostics, we will help you determine the best course of action and give you options for your repair scenario



Test the hardware to see if data is accessible or parts could be replaced to repair.


We Come to you

Don’t worry if the computer it’s to heavy we come to you to do the repairs.



We won’t spend more time than what is needed but always getting a good job done.



If parts are needed we will get them the soonest possible so you can get your devices fixed as soon as possible.

Excellent in digital Device
Repair Services

From repairs to preventative maintenance, you can find the technological services to keep your PC, laptop or mobile device in top shape when you need it most. Our priority is getting your technology back up and running, or to help prevent issues before they happen with proper setup and protection services.


If you need help with data backups or file transfers, we can assist you with connecting external hard drives or connecting multiple PCs for file storage or data transmission. We can help you set up your new device, including computers, laptops, tablets and printers, as well as assisting with software installation to help ensure your favorite programs are up and running properly. We can also help with Wi-Fi network setup and repair to make your space Internet-accessible.


Have an older PC? Give a tune-up to clean up excess files and programs, and speed up its operating power. If you’ve been hit by a virus, we will help eliminate it and get your computer back to normal. Better yet don’t wait for a virus to strike; protect your computer from attacks today with top-rated Internet security software and unlimited virus removals with our protection program.


Your digital devices are a huge part of everyday life. You rely on being Internet-connected, mobile with you phone and tablet, and efficient with your PC or laptop. Don’t get surprised by unexpected breakdowns. Get advice on keeping your devices running at their best. And if you do have an issue, get it repaired fast and stress-free with our tech support associates.

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