On Site Services

Network Maintenance.

  • Monitoring the health of your network.
    • Security and Update patches are up to date
    • Monitoring the security logs in your firewall
    • Monthly or Quarterly hardware cleaning
  • Desktop computer maintenance
    • Deploying and maintaining antivirus software
    • keeping computers updates up to date
    • Monthly or Quarterly hardware cleaning
    • Adding or upgrading Printers and Faxes
  • VoIP maintenance
    • Adding or Relocating extensions.
    • Off site soft phones (if available)

Remote Assistance.

  • Server remote services
    • Off site remote access for faster response when a problem has been found in a server
  • End user remote assistance
    • Availability to connect remotely with an end user to provide assistance when a phone call or email has been placed.

Network Management.

  • Systems administration
    • Adding or removing users on AD.
    • Creation of groups when AD is not present.
    • Creating and maintaining file sharing for offices that not have AD infrastructure deployed
    • Email management.